11 Simple Ways You Can Start Your Eco-Warrior Journey

Sunday 1 September 2019
We are now in a point where living convenience is at its finest, yet the condition of the planet where we do said living is at its worst in history. These are indeed peculiar times we're in and every level headed person has begun to realize the responsibility each of us have in saving our beloved planet Earth. However, implementing sustainable living is not an easy task and can be pretty overwhelming. Thankfully, even just the smallest conscious adjustments in your lifestyle can prove to make big differences in helping the environment. These simple ways can help you start your eco-warrior journey

1. Join the reusable revolution.

Buy yourself your own set of metal or bamboo straws and utensils to use instead of disposable plastic ones. Always keep a reusable shopping bag handy in case you'll be doing some unexpected purchases. Bring your own water container instead of buying plastic bottles. Keep in mind that the energy it takes for you to wash your metal straw will always be lesser than the energy it takes to produce a single plastic straw.

2. Reduce hygienic waste.

Exchange your regular shampoo for shampoo bars. Shampoo bars last longer and are contained in more environmentally friendly packaging. You can also invest in washable pantyliners instead of constantly buying disposable ones.

3. Patronize products made from recycled materials.

Patronizing such will ensure that more products made out of recycled materials are produced. Recycling is the best way to reduce the pollution caused by waste. Sweaters made out of re-purposed cotton scraps, ballet flats made of recycled plastic bottles- recycling is getting more creative everyday.

4. Choosing paperless transactions.

Receipts and bills not only are cluttering your wallets and drawers, they're also such a waste of paper.  More and more businesses are now offering electronic billing services so you won't need to receive those annoying letters. Even ATMs nowadays let you have the option to not print out your receipt (who needs the negativity anyways?).

5. Avoid food takeouts.

Although takeouts and food deliveries are one of the most convenient ways to get your food fix, the amount of plastic required to take our favorite meals home is simply not worth it. It would be healthier for the environment, and yourself, if you simply make your own food at home. However, there will always be times when our busy schedules won't allow it. If you must opt for takeout or food deliveries, ask if you can have it in a paper bag or a cardboard box instead of the typical plastic container. Don't forget to tell them you won't be needing disposable utensils!

6. Buy better quality household staples.

When you buy better quality household staples like appliances and furniture, you reduce the likeliness of needing to replace them in the near future, or if at all.  This means less household waste goes into the landfills.

7. Switch to using Bamboo Toothbrushes. 

The most common toothbrushes available in the market today are made out of plastic. A typical toothbrush is only recommended to be used for 3 months, after that, they end up in the trash bin. Imagine how much these are contributing to the total amount of plastic waste. On the other hand, bamboo toothbrushes are increasing in popularity nowadays. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are also 100% naturally biodegradable.

8. Try fixing broken things.

When we find some of our things are broken, the first thing we think of is that we have to throw them away and replace them. However, it's more cost efficient and would greatly reduce our waste if we try to find out if something is fixable first before deciding to toss them out. If your blender is not working, bring it to a repair shop. If you find a hole in your favorite sweater, try to sew it.

9. Consider public transportation or carpooling.

Imagine how many cars will be in the roads if each person in the world will use one. That's a lot of cars. Sharing a ride with people when convenient, either through public transportation or carpooling can significantly reduce traffic congestion while also reducing the amount of fossil fuel used. Taking a walk is an even better and healthier alternative.

10. Shop locally.

Buying from local producers is not only a great way to show your support to the community, it's also a more eco-friendly alternative. Shopping mass produced items imported from other places usually means that such travels miles and miles just to reach your household. Buying locally, you reduce these miles, thus also reducing the environmental impact of your purchases.

11. Support brands that make a sustainable effort.

Millennials nowadays are forcing companies to be eco-friendly, choosing to patronize products from brands that are making sustainable efforts. Studies even show that they are willing to spend more on a product that comes from a sustainable brand. Be sure that before you patronize a product, you are ensured that the company producing it has ethics that are in line with your own personal values. Fortunately, more and more companies are making efforts towards sustainability. Some global companies that are environmentally friendly are IKEA, Panasonic and Unilever.

Last but not the least, don't beat yourself up and get discouraged if you somehow used a plastic bag. 

These simple but effective ways will let you start your eco-warrior journey, slowly but surely. Just by trying your best to make even the slightest effort is already making more impact than you realize. If only each person in the world would remotely even try.


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