The Girl Code: 7 Basic Rules Every Girl Should Follow

Saturday 21 September 2019
The Girl Code is a set of unspoken rules that teaches women to treat each other with kindness, love and respect. However, in the midst of today's social media and elitist "squad" culture, girls can easily get self-absorbed and hostile. We treat each other as competition when we should really be allies. We often forget how important it is for us girls to stick together, even if the other girl in question is just a random stranger. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where a girl you just met in the bathroom will have your back when needed? Here are the 7 basic girl code rules every girl should follow.

The Girl Code : 7 Basic Rules Every Girl Should Follow

 1. Always tell a girl if something is going wrong in her outfit. 

See a girl go out of the bathroom with her skirt tucked in her underwear? Tell her. Those leggings are totally see through? Let her know. Her boob is out? She has lipstick in her teeth? Smudgy mascara? Say something, but make sure you do so discreetly. You would definitely appreciate the honesty if these unfortunate things happened to you.

2. Let a girl know if her boyfriend is cheating. 

Girls owe it to other girls to let each other know when their boyfriend is cheating or trying to cheat. If a guy chats you up but his relationship status says "In A Relationship", shut him down. Don't try to flirt with him, tell his girlfriend instead. You'll be doing a sister a favor that might just help her dump his cheating ass.

3. Don't hate. Give compliments and boost each others' confidence instead. 

We always seem to have something negative to say about that girl who's prettier or has nicer things than us. Or maybe about that girl in a happy relationship and a successful career. We even hate on that girl with her brow game on who just happened to walk by. Why do girls rip each other apart? We, more than anyone, know that behind every girl lies her own set of insecurities and a set issues she has to deal with. No one is more hard on ourselves than us. On top of that, we have to be on the receiving end of harsh criticisms from our own kind. 

Remember this: Putting others down will not make you above them. It doesn't work that way. Like her dress? Ask her where she bought it. Think her make up is on point? Say so. A genuine compliment from a random stranger can boost her self confidence and maybe make her entire day. Don't we want to live in a world where women build each other up instead of ripping each other apart? Yup, I thought so.

4. Be sympathetic during "that" time of the month. 

Haven't we all experienced the panic when our monthly visitor comes knocking and we are caught without feminine napkins or tampons in hand? Maybe you've also tried strutting your stuff all over the place only to find out you have blood stains on your clothes. Be willing to help a girl out in times of need. Follow this basic girl code rule to avert a possible red day disaster.

5. Make sure a drunk girl gets home safe. 

If you see a girl who is too drunk for her own sake and is alone, instead of turning on your judgmental goggles, go up to her and make sure she's okay. She is very vulnerable and could easily be taken advantage of. Don't take that chance. Offer to take her home, call her emergency contacts or turn her over to a local police station where she could safely spend the night. This basic girl code rule could possibly end up saving a life.

6. Help a girl who is being harassed. 

There are a lot of creepy people in the world. Some nights, you unluckily grab their attention and they focus all their efforts on you. You repeatedly say "no" but he won't take that for an answer. Won't it be better if another girl jumped in and backed you up? Definitely! You understand how uncomfortable these situations are so when you see a girl being harassed, offer a helping hand and save her.

7. If you see a girl crying, be her friend. 

Sometimes, it's better to be alone when we have stuff to cry about while sometimes, it's nice to have someone who would sincerely listen. If you happen to notice that the girl in next table is crying, come up to her and ask a simple "What's wrong?" or "Are you okay?". Knowing that someone gives a crap would bring much needed positivity in her life. If you can, go out of your way and make time to listen to what she has to say.


These Basic Girl Code rules should be universally adapted by women. Although following the girl code doesn't mean you have to be BFF's with every girl you meet. It simply requires you to look out for all ladies you encounter, doesn't matter whether she's a friend or a stranger. Besides, no one else could understand your situation better than your fellow women.

In this world that is constantly getting crazier and crazier, it's nice to know that us girls can try and look out for each other.

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