6 Cruelty-Free Local Filipino Skincare Brands You Need to Try Right Now

Sunday 22 September 2019
In recent years, there has been an increase in awareness regarding the exploitation of animals in the beauty industry. Prior to this, we were all blindly supporting products and brands that were causing  unnecessary suffering to helpless animals. Lucky for us and our conscience, more and more skincare brands are now making their own efforts to go cruelty-free. Here are 10 Awesome Cruelty-Free Local Filipino Skincare brands you need to try right now:

Cruelty Free Local Skincare Brands

1. By KD

By KD started out as a passion project that turned into creating something that could be experienced by others as well. Each creation is drawn from a feeling or a vision. By KD is fully dedicated to creating self-care daily-ritual products to inspire all kinds of feelings and expressions. Currently licensed to operate by the Food & Drug Administration of the Philippines, they carry seven product lines. Moving forward, they are exploiting all kinds of premium and fruitful raw materials and sustainable packaging to further expand and look after your self-care routine.

Top Products

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Instagram : @essentialsbykd
Facebook : @essentialsbyKD

Photo from: Facebook.com/Sooper-Beaute

2. Sooper Beaute

Sooper Beaute is a brand that's proudly PINOY and focuses on caring for your skin using natural ingredients. They strongly believe in natural and true inner beauty, so, their products are formulated without aiming to change anything about you, but instead provide you products that will highlight and enhance your natural beauty. 

Top Products


Instagram: @sooperbeaute
Email: hello@sooperbeaute.com

3. Fresh Formula 

Fresh Formula is brand who knows their customers. Their innovative everyday skin essentials are formulated with you and your needs in mind. With their products, you can celebrate the skin you’re in with nothing but effective, quality skin care that’s vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and 100% fresh. They are also a sister company of another well loved local brand, Colourette Cosmetics.

Top Products


Instagram: @fresh.formula

Skin Potions was founded in 2013 by two sisters who had a common passion for helping people transform their lives and feel better about themselves through skincare and makeup. They originally sold non-organic products only but later on switch to organic and natural ingredients. Their best sellers include the cult-favorite Snowberry Sleeping Cream. Now, they sell highly effective and cost efficient products that are packed in whimsical packaging that's sure to grab your millennial hearts.

Top Products

Instagram: @skinpotions
Email: skinpotionsinc@gmail.com

5. In Her Element

Founded by Project Vanity's own, Liz Lanuzo, In Her Element is a proudly Filipino-made brand that seeks to push the envelope when it comes to creating new skincare formulations. They understand how busy the modern women can get and they need effective skincare that does what it says. Their brand stays true to their simple promise: get maximum glow for minimum effort with In Her Element. 

All In Her Elements products are fragrance-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

Top Products

Instagram: @inher_element

Apotheke Science Philippines is a local skincare brand that focuses on providing handcrafted skincare products using the finest natural ingredients. Their products deliver all the necessary agents required to heal your skin, reverse aging, prevent cellular damage, erase blemishes and restore radiance. Apotheke Science was formulates their products using the guidance of an expertise in microbiology.

Top Products


Instagram: @apothekescience
Email: apothekescience@gmail.com

Support Cruelty-Free Local PH Brands

What's better than supporting brands that make a conscious effort to stop the abuse of animals in the beauty industry? Supporting local pinoy skincare brands who make that extra effort of course. Not only do these cruelty-free brands have affordable offerings, they know their stuff too, providing you with effective skincare products worthy of HG status. Their products are widely embraced and well regarded by the beauty community in the Philippines. Go ahead, give their best sellers a try. You'll never know, you just might find something that you'll love forever. 

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