Confessions of a K-Pop Fan

Saturday 7 March 2020
Being a K-Pop fan is not a choice. 

EXO-L est 2016

Being a fan girl is both hard and easy.

You wanna know why? It's easy because you can just adore someone when you like them and their talent. It's hard because every time they will have a comeback or an event, you would feel the urge to buy their albums, group merchandise, and most of all you would want to go to their concert. But concerts costs are quite expensive just to see them up close, and it only happens in Manila, so should you buy plane tickets too. Also, their announcements would just be a month prior to the concerts so promo fare are not be an option.


I became an EXO-L because of Byun Baekhyun (Yes! My bias is BBH) in a Korean drama titled Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I saw how talented he was. Until I saw how talented his members were through watching their music videos and other shows. It made me an official EXO-L by heart.

The whole duration of my student life I never imagined myself as I am now. Teasing those who were immersed by Hallyu. Now I'm the one being teased (karma bitch). Funny how I remembered my guidance councilor asking me, "How do you see yourself 5 years from now?" I should've answered, "A K-Pop fan" (HA HA!).

Now, how did I become a Kpop fan?

Aside from having friends who were already a fan. In 2016, I was a newly licensed engineer with no future plans. I needed a break from 18 years of studying--- so I started to watch Korean dramas for leisure. That's when I met Byun Baekhyun then history happened. EXO's music videos to fan-made music videos to variety shows to fan meet videos to radio shows to comebacks to concerts to endorsements to pictorials. I was busy visiting memory lane with EXO.

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April 28, 2018--- I was blessed to watch EXO Planet#4: ElyXiOn in Manila. I admit it was by far the best night of my life. Hearing them sing live. Witnessing their pure talent. The whole experience was amazing that I didn't want it to end but it just had to. Seeing Byun Baekhyun in person, I was dumbfounded. PS. These were all pictures I had because my memory card got corrupted.

Through this event, I have met new acquaintances. It's really true that you could meet a family in one night. We were all in one brain cell. Cheering for one group. I've met a group of Electronics Engineers students from Bacolod City. And some other professionals coming from Davao City and Butuan City and still communicate with them through social medias.


But fangirling didn't end with EXO. I was also an IKONIC since 2018 because of Love Scenario. But just when I decided to become a multi-fan with iKON, months later, BI's termination came. I know it's a bit late but I'm on play n' repeat on all BI's masterpiece. I respect his pure talent. I felt all his lyrics. It hit me. At some point I felt how EXO-Ls felt when KrisLuhanTao left EXO-- heartbreak.

In my times of confusion about life-- where you meet people with a grin but at the end of the day, you're alone in your room with no one to talk to that understands how you really feel, because they blame you of being hooked with K-POP; EXO and IKON was there, they make me feel at ease. They make me happy.

So to all fans out there, don't be afraid to express your fan girl's inner feelings. Whether you're excited for a comeback, happy for an event, or sad for an unjust treatment.

Some don't understand us.

Some don't understand what idols have gone through.

Some don't understand their music.

It's all fine.

And to all anti-fans out there, we have different preferences in entertainment-- Opera, Western American, Classical, Anime, Reggae, etc. No hate. Just accept.



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